Wrap the drain in aluminum foil and save: A perfect trick that few know about!

By Lesia

Bathroom and kitchen drains are places where colonies of microbes, bacteria and unpleasant odors concentrate.

Proper cleaning and maintenance are important to keep your drain pipes clean.

Stagnant water, food debris, soap residue, hair, and lime are the main causes of unpleasant odors.

The misconsejosdejardineria portal recommends deep cleaning and has a useful trick for you.

You only need aluminum foil.

What are the causes of drain odor?

The malfunctioning of drains is one of the causes of the appearance of unpleasant odors that form in the drains of sinks and basins.

Proper cleaning of the trap helps prevent plumbing problems and odor formation.

Stagnant water and food debris, vegetable oils and dietary fats in general tend to adhere to the walls of the drain pipes and every day they accumulate, decompose and cause problems in the pipes and bad odors.

Goodbye to the smell and the drain clogged with aluminum foil.

To eliminate the smell that forms in the sink drain, it is good to use an effective trick.

How to proceed with this method?

Simply wrap the ends with aluminum foil to keep them warm and not cool.

Keeping them warm helps prevent the buildup of vegetable fats and oils that run down the sink.

These are a common cause of unpleasant odors and drain clogs.

Wrapping the pipes with aluminum foil has the function of keeping them at a certain temperature so that they do not cool down, but they tend to slide down the pipe.

This prevents the accumulation and breakdown of fats.

But this method alone is not enough.

To degrease the pipes and prevent the formation of odors in the sink drains, it is good to use a chemical reaction.

You must prepare a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda.

After introducing the mixture into the pipe, let it sit overnight and that’s it.

No more greasy, clogged and smelly drains.

The best solution is to use these available and harmless materials that are great for unblocking blockages without the need to call a technician.

Unblock a clogged drain with dishwasher tablets

Popular products and many cleaners can often be used in ways you would never have imagined.

Learn this useful trick that can save you money at a plumber.

You only need a dishwasher capsule and hot water.

Follow these instructions.

The dishwasher is gradually becoming a common appliance in many homes and if you have one, you will surely have capsules used in it.

Did you know that dishwasher capsules have many other uses?

Capsules to unclog and remove bad smell from drains

Among other things, they are also excellent for unclogging a clogged drain.

Just put the capsule in the drain and then pour boiling water over it.

Thanks to this simple trick, your sink will smell great and, above all, your drain will be clean and clear.

You don’t need to call a plumber who would probably charge a high fee to clean your sink.