Come to get the scent of chiuso in your house, basteranno solo 3 fogli

By Lesia

If the case is switched on at any time, there may be   a strong odor   and ventilation is not sufficient.

Ha a soffocante odor: perched succeeds

When a house starts to smell at any time, it can swell with the scent of the muff. Questo perché non cambia aria da un po’. This can be accessed in the second case but also   in the case that is so lively every day   . In the end Fredda, infatti, siamo più restii aricambiare la aria to avoid losing the heat.

In addition, it is difficult for the modern finestre to circle so that the aria can still be heard. Please note that the cat’s odor may not be affected by humidity and the presence of the battery or the like. Once   you change the air   , you should only use chemical products to infuse the environment, it will take a long time and will not alter the puzzling situation. We will help you solve this problem with a natural, economical and easily retrievable solution.

The natural rhyme

The smell is oppressive if it can be found even if it is not armed, nor can it be stored in the house in general. Gli spazi piccoli e chiusi sono quell che possono immagizinare maggiormente odore. It is natural to use it immediately when   you hear it.

With the leaves of all the ingredients you can create   a bag   inside the armadillo and the cassetti interested in the scent. Abbiate cura di utilizzare una borsa en fabric naturale, a trama molto larga. The lens will change periodically and will change 5/6.

The all-over fog, other than being perfumed, may also be   repellent against insects and stains   . Another solution is to use a perfumed infusion to perfume everything at home. Put the foglie di alloro in a pentola with the acqua. Then add 4 leaves to the bowl, add a cup of bicarbonate. Una volta che l’acqua bolle, spegnete il fuoco e portate la pentola in tutte le stanze.

Laurel can still be placed in the bathroom. Once in the hot water, put it in a little tritate fog.  Add sodium bicarbonate and waste in the bath.  It’s a natural fragrance. The smell of the soul, other than the puzza, will liberate the respiratory life and dona benessere. For this reason, you should also insert a rametto into the doccia to increase the positive effect of the water and the scent in natural mode.

Be careful not to   worry about the quantity   , but the allergic person may be sensitive to it all the time. In any case, do not pay attention to the amount of light on the furniture or cassette base to avoid odor formation.