Do you leave the HONEY like this? The mistake that half of the people make. Honey becomes worthless!

By Lesia

Real honey is an irreplaceable natural sweetener.

It is a real treasure of vitamins and microelements valuable for the body.

Unfortunately, due to incorrect storage, the properties of this product can be irreparably lost.

The newsy.gotujmy portal revealed what you should look for when storing honey.

Honey is a pleasure that is not only ideal for spreading on bread.

It is the perfect complement to sweet breakfasts, such as oatmeal, millet, yogurt with fruits and nuts, and even French toast.

It is also used to prepare sauces, marinades for meats and pies.

It is appreciated for its sweet and distinctive flavor, as well as its beneficial effect on the body.

At what temperature should honey be stored?

The key to proper honey storage is proper thermal conditions.

This product feels best at temperatures of 8 to 18°C.

This temperature allows it to maintain its full value and proper consistency.

However, if the temperature is too low, the honey will solidify like a stone.

On the other hand, if the temperature is too high, it will lose its healing properties.

Therefore, this should be strictly avoided.

Where to store honey at home?

Given the temperature conditions for storage, honey should not be stored in the refrigerator or near heat sources, such as radiators or stoves.

Therefore, this product is best stored in dry, cool, shady places, such as a pantry or dark closet.

Hermetically sealed glass containers and porcelain containers are suitable containers for storing this valuable product.

In your case, forget about plastic containers.

How long can honey be stored?

Honey that has been harvested at the right time and stored in tightly closed containers and in optimal conditions can remain on the shelves almost… forever.

In fact, natural honey does not have an expiration date.

This reminds us of ancient Egypt, where crystallized honey was supposedly found in tombs, which not only retained its taste and aroma, but was still suitable for consumption.

How to recognize fermented honey?

Honey collected and stored correctly should not spoil.

However, if any of these factors are not met, the product loses its value or undergoes fermentation.

Fermented honey is the result of harvesting it too early and introducing moisture and bacteria into it, such as by licking it with a spoon.

How do you know if there is something wrong with honey?

The process begins with a change in flavor, which takes on a slight beer aroma due to the yeasts.

The color of the honey also changes and something similar to a foam with a yeasty smell appears on its surface.

This honey is only suitable for homemade tinctures.

How to distinguish real honey from fake?

Beekeepers are the ones who can easily distinguish between real honey and fake honey, which is very far from genuine honey. Therefore, we asked Filip Grgula directly how to do it.

Simple advice

Whether it is real or fake honey, you can easily notice it in the store.

“First of all, it is necessary to correctly study the label. If the label says ‘mix of EU and non-EU honeys’, it is a mixture whose quality no one can guarantee. Of course, even if the honey is not from Slovakia, it does not mean that it cannot be of quality, but you should always be able to trace its origin through a contact. If you want to be safe and have real honey at home, look on the label for the name, address and contact information of the company or beekeeper. And then it’s just a matter of trust between you and the beekeeper or the company you buy the honey from,” advised Filip Grgula for Dobré noviny.

Signs of authentic honey

Real honey differs from fake honey also in its characteristics.

“An indication of the authenticity of the honey can be the so-called crystallization in the jars; Mixed floral honeys, rapeseed, clover or sunflower honeys crystallize very quickly, even in a few days or weeks. But be careful, for example, agate honey crystallizes very slowly, sometimes it takes up to a year,” Filip Grgula revealed to us. You may have also heard of an air bubble in honey that should distinguish its authenticity, but Mr. Grgula claims something different.

“I wouldn’t be guided too much by the movement of the bubble in honey, since it depends a lot on the water content in the honey and also on the ambient temperature. If you look at the speed of movement of the air bubble of the same honey in summer, it will seem very liquid to you and, on the contrary, in winter on the market it will be quite thick. The best advice is to trust your beekeeper,” he added.

How should it look?

“Agate honey is quite clear, almost transparent, with a very mild flavor. Rapeseed, especially when in creamy form, looks almost like lard at first glance, but has a deliciously mild flavor. Sunflower honey has an orange color and a slightly spicy flavor. Forest and honeydew honeys have intense, almost bitter flavors,” said a true expert for Dobré noviny.

Avoid errors when storing

If you’re worried that the flavor of your honey won’t last because of what you bought, you may be making a mistake when storing it. You should follow certain principles that will help you better with this problem.

“To preserve the flavor and quality of honey, it is necessary to store it in a tightly closed container and in a dark place. The crystallization of honey is its natural property and a sign of authenticity. If you need to get the honey flowing again, just soak it in a hot water bath,” said Filip Grgula of honey store CeraMel.