Awaken Your Inner Healer: A Simple Self-Healing Technique

By Lilia

No doctor or drug will help if your internal self-healing mechanisms are not working. 

To start your internal first aid kit, you must always affect the body in the right way. 

Of course, you need to stick to the regime, eat well, be less nervous and stressed. 

But in the East, massage is considered a key aspect in maintaining health.

But even better is self-massage, the methods and techniques of which have been formed in the process of many years of practice.

Self-massage with a stick is the initiation of self-healing mechanisms, this technique is especially suitable for those who are limited in time. 

You only need a smooth stick about 70-90 cm long and 2-3 cm in diameter. 

A gymnastic pole will also work. 

The editors of “search-2.blogspot.com” will show you how to do such a massage. 

The effect after a few sessions will please and motivate you even more!



Place the stick behind your head, placing it on the right side of your neck. 

Place your right hand on the stick and your left hand near your neck.

Press the stick on the right side of the neck. 

At the same time, the left hand presses the stick and the right hand swings the stick up and down perpendicular to the neck.

Then move the rod 1.5-2 centimeters up towards the back of the head. 

Massage this area in the same way. 

As a result, the entire surface of the neck on the right is massaged.

Do the same on the left side. 

You can also rub your neck with the stick, but first apply some oil to the skin to avoid irritation. 

In general, neck self-massage takes about 3 minutes. 

Do it regularly every day in the morning and even better in the evening. 

This massage relieves fatigue and pain in osteochondrosis. 

Now we move on to the following areas:


Place the stick behind your back and intensively rub the lumbar part of the spine on the left and right. But not on the spine! 

Rub the area from the lower  spine  to the buttocks, this will take about 2 minutes.

Then thoroughly rub the sacral area on the left and right. 

It is especially effective for back pain. Move the stick from top to bottom. 

Perform the action until you feel moderate pain. Massage each side for 30-60 seconds.

Now move on to the buttocks: place the stick under the buttocks and press down. 

Then alternately rub the buttocks with a stick from top to bottom. 

The duration of the buttock massage is about 3 minutes.

To consolidate the effect, roll the stick on the abdominal cavity from top to bottom for up to one minute.

By the same principle, you can perform self-massage on the thighs, calves and arms. 

Massage with the wand until you feel a pleasant, slight warming and reddening of the skin. 

It is also very useful to roll a stick with your foot: it removes heaviness in the legs, calms the nervous system, improves the work of the circulatory system. 

The described exercises can be modified and improved in the process of implementation. 

Massage with a stick every day to feel more alive and less sick.

In this video you can see the possibilities of self-massage: