10 Easy Tips for Growing a Potted Lemon Tree

By Lilia

Plants are an element that can never be missing in our home, especially if it is a lemon tree. In addition to its intense green that gives naturalness to the house, the pleasant and fresh aroma makes this plant unique.

Of course, these qualities are not obtained the first time. And the lemon tree requires certain care for it to reach its splendor. For this reason, today we have compiled a series of tips to grow a lemon tree in a pot, so that it develops its full potential.

8 Easy Tips for Growing a Potted Lemon Tree

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The first steps to growing a lemon tree

  1. The good thing about this tree is that we can find it in any nursery near your area. I recommend the 4-season one so that you have a harvest throughout the year.
  2. The second tip we can give you to grow a lemon tree is to correctly choose the pot to use. Keep in mind that as the plant grows, the roots will also do the same.
  3. As with people, plants also require nutrients to help them in their growth process. One of these is the organic substrate, which strengthens the plant, helps growth and improves the health of our tree. It is best to place this compound as soon as you plant it, so that the tree gains the benefits in what will be its new environment.
  4. Remember that, like any plant, regardless of the pot it is in, it will always seek to grow. So among the tips to grow a lemon tree is to transplant it every 2 or 3 years to a larger pot. Of course, until it reaches the dimensions you are looking for.
  5. These plants require about 6 hours of light daily. It is advisable to take it out to sunbathe for the time required so that it is ideally nourished. Be careful not to put it in a place where it receives a lot of wind, as it can be counterproductive. Just like not taking it outside when it’s cold.
  6. You can have the lemon tree inside your home if you wish, but we advise you to respect its light cycles and place it in an airy place.
  7. Watering the plant is one of the points that is most often overlooked. This type of plant requires watering at least twice a day, always making sure that puddles do not form to prevent the tree from drowning.
  8. The pruning process is also valuable for the care of the tree. Let us remember that the excessive presence of branches and leaves are a reflection of an excess of nutrients that it cannot absorb. And these excesses, if not removed, can stagnate the growth of our plant.
  9. From time to time shift your attention to the earth. Among the tips to grow a lemon tree that we can tell you is mixing the soil with fertilizer. Open a small trench around the tree and add the fertilizer. And every now and then add new soil.
  10. Once you have the tree large enough and producing a good harvest, it is recommended to water it twice a week to ensure good quality fruit.