If you notice this detail in your watermelon, don’t buy it: everyone keeps falling into the trap

By Lesia

A detail about the watermelon allows us to know if it is very juicy and sweet, we just have to rely on a few simple tricks: here you have them.

In summer, especially when temperatures reach very high maximums, it always makes sense   to increase the proportion of fruit and vegetables in the diet.   Experts recommend the frequent consumption of certain fruits, which not only satiate, but can also be an important support on days of intense heat. Therefore, in the summer months it is advisable to eat fruits such as  apricots, peaches, strawberries and cherries   , but also medlars, blueberries and plums, as well as melons and   watermelons  . The last two mentioned are probably the typical fruits of summer, which is why they can often be seen on Italian tables.

One detail to understand if the watermelon is perfect: you can’t go wrong

Watermelon is undoubtedly a perfect fruit for summer and high temperatures. The   positive properties   of watermelon are numerous and all of great importance.

In addition to providing an excellent hydrating effect, watermelon is an excellent bone strengthener and is also recommended to protect the cardiovascular system.

Furthermore,   the high sugar content of watermelon should not be underestimated. This fruit guarantees our body a number of vitamins, including vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin B6 and vitamin C. In addition, watermelon is also rich in fructose.

In short,   watermelon is one of the most suitable fruits to combat the sensation of heat,   as it allows you to recover a large amount of mineral salts lost through sweating.

However, watermelon can also pose some health risks. When we go to the supermarket to buy a good watermelon,   we always have to look closely at the fruit   to make sure there are no problems.

In reality, the perfect watermelon should be sweet, fruity and juicy, but of course before opening it it is not easy to understand if it really has these characteristics.

But there is a trick that can help us understand   which watermelon is worth buying   and which one we should definitely throw away.

The first trick is to look closely at the watermelon and possibly notice  the presence of a bright spot   . If this bright spot is not there, it is best to leave the watermelon where it is, as it is most likely not ripe enough yet and will not taste good.

However, if we notice a   bright yellow spot  , we can continue with the purchase. The second trick is to look for a stem and see if it has a nice brown color.

Stem color and “tapping”: techniques to know if the watermelon is good

This detail actually certifies that the fruit was picked immediately after ripening. However, if the stem is still green, it means that the watermelon was picked too early.

The third trick is to   tap the fruit with your knuckles   , as if you were “knocking” it. If the sound is “hollow,” it means that the watermelon is full of water and is therefore particularly delicious.

Here is finally the fourth trick. All we need to do is apply  a slight pressure on the watermelon   , as if we were trying to squeeze it with our fingers. The fruit should look neither too soft nor too hard.

If we find a watermelon with these four characteristics,   we can buy it without any problem   . When we get home, we can cut it and see how sweet and juicy it really is.