Cockroaches and cockroaches in the house? With this remedy, you eliminate them all!

By Lesia

The sun, the warmer air, the open windows, the garden, the terrace, the flowering balcony and the insects little by little take over our house.

Many of us are literally terrified just by looking at it. But being petrified in front of unwanted guests is of no use at all; on the contrary, it allows them to circulate undisturbed and proliferate.

Of course, they are horrible, and getting rid of their present becomes a categorical imperative. Forced cohabitation is in no way tolerable, also because they are antigenic and we want to live peacefully in our house, without having to deal with them!

There are many insecticides on the market, but it would be advisable to use only natural ingredients and methods so as not to poison ourselves and the environment. The cost/benefit ratio would be completely unbalanced in favor of air that is difficult to breathe and harmful. It is better to put into practice some of grandma’s remedies, effective, cheap and decisive!

Let’s see how to proceed.

Cockroaches and cockroaches in the house? The guide to eliminate them and live peacefully in summer
Cockroaches and cockroaches in the house? The guide to eliminate them and live peacefully in summer
The first natural remedy is not only effective, but it also releases a delicious, fresh and adorable aroma in all the rooms where we will use it.

We need to create a solution based on water and Marseille soap, which works as a repellent for cockroaches and cockroaches with its spicy aroma. Dilute a tablespoon (liquid or flakes) in half a liter of water, mix and transfer the mixture to a vaporizer. At this point, we are going to spray it in corners or where we have registered the presence of insects.

We can also make the same insecticide with the addition of essential oils, choose those with rosemary, eucalyptus, they are the most effective and for the purpose and the most hated by pests.

Likewise, fresh seedlings also work perfectly to deter unwanted coexistence in our homes. A bunch of bay leaf, garlic or rosemary is fatal for them. All you have to do is place them at strategic points to determine their instant escape.

But if you prefer to create real traps, get some jars and place them here and there in the rooms. You can leave them as they are with a little water in the bottom. Cockroaches and cockroaches will enter to quench their thirst and will be imprisoned without being able to leave. Or again, you can spread Vaseline inside and place a piece of fruit on the base. Attracted by food, they will enter but have no way out.

Easy, right! And without using chemicals!