How to recycle a tree trunk? 12 original ideas to decorate the garden

By Lesia

You can consider yourself very lucky if you have your own garden, which invites you to relax, sunbathe or have a barbecue with your friends. But you can also be creative and want to beautify your garden.
Our 12 decorative pieces made from tree trunks are a great idea for this period. In addition to being cheap, they are quick and easy to make, since in almost any garden you can find a thick branch or an old tree stump. If your garden is immaculate and just needs a little decoration, you can find some in the woods on your next walk.

If you have found the ideal tree trunk for your project, you can now be inspired by the following examples and demonstrate your manual skills:

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  1. This idea is very simple: just dig some tree trunks and…

…and plant green plants there


  1. How to turn an old and damaged tree trunk into a beautiful object


  1. Of course, you can use tree trunks in different shapes. The more original it is, the more beautiful it is.


  1. If you have an old tree trunk in the garden, you can also dig it up a little and put some plants in it. This saves you from having to remove it


  1. Not only stylish, but also practical and durable – a hotel for bees


  1. You can also do something good for birds: a homemade nest…


  1. …or a small feeder


  1. If space is limited, tree trunks also look great vertically


  1. If you want to create a cozy atmosphere at the holidays, you will definitely appreciate these tree trunk candles, they are also very pretty inside!



  1. This small tree trunk can also find its place in the garden as well as in the house


  1. For the most extravagant: a bench made from tree trunks

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tree trunk12

  1. If you have a lot of space and a particularly large trunk, you can create your own little flower garden

tree trunk13
As you can see, the possibilities for building something out of old tree trunks are almost limitless. With a little imagination, you will have the perfect System D decoration for any garden.

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