Wonderful buttercream

By liliaturcin5


250 g butter (sweet cream)
400 ml milk
1 packet custard powder, vanilla
1 piece(s) palm fat (palmin)
5 tbsp sugar


The sweet cream butter should be kept at room temperature before making and should be very soft.

Prepare a pudding from the milk, the sugar and the pudding powder as described on the package (only with the smaller amount of milk I specified). The pudding has to cool down after cooking, and you should stir it again and again so that no skin can form.

When the pudding has cooled down, first beat the butter with the hand mixer and then add the pudding spoon by spoon. Continue beating until a creamy, homogeneous mass has formed. Now you could also color the buttercream, but with liquid food coloring you have to be careful so that the cream does not become too liquid. Better to take less, or let it set a little in the fridge in between.

Finally add the palmine, which should be melted but not too hot. However, not so tight that it draws streaks.

The buttercream is my mom’s recipe. It’s a total hit, as long as you use sweet cream butter, and it tastes great. It can be used for tarts and cakes, both for filling and for decorating. The given amount is enough for a cake and a little decoration.