Two bananas and two eggs and in a few minutes you’ll have a cake without an oven

By liliaturcin5

Two bananas and two eggs and in a few minutes you’ll have a cake without an oven.

For today’s dessert, just put two bananas and two eggs together and in just 10 minutes you will have an irresistible dessert that is made without going through the oven and even without flour.


Let’s see how it prepares.

The ingredients

We need: two eggs; two bananas; a couple of spoons of sugar; three or four cups of milk; for the caramel (but it is not mandatory): half a cup of sugar (100 grams) and a quarter cup of water (60 milliliters).

The preparation

Take a saucepan and pour 60 milliliters of water and 100 grams of sugar into it. Mix the two ingredients well and then put them on the stove, over medium-low heat and without stirring, until the mixture caramelises.

As soon as it is ready, pour it into a boule and tilt it so that the caramel completely covers the bottom, then set it aside.

Now take the two bananas, preferably ripe, peel them and place them in a bowl . Then the two eggs are taken and broken into another bowl, after which the bananas are poured over them without mixing them.

The next step is to blend eggs and bananas with a hand blender to a frothy consistency. At that point add the sugar and then resume working with the blender, then add the milk (3 or 4 cups) and restart the mixer.

Now put this mixture aside for a moment and take the caramel again, then pour the aforementioned mixture into it, taking care to filter it with a strainer. The foam that forms on the surface will need to be removed with a spoon.


Now cover the boule with aluminum foil and then place it in a larger saucepan filled with water up to about half the edge. Then put it on the fire, with the saucepan covered: over medium-low heat for about fifty minutes.

After 50 minutes, do the toothpick test and if the toothpick comes out clean, remove the boule from the saucepan, let it cool a bit and then put the dessert in the fridge for at least three hours.

You can unmold by sliding a knife around the circumference and then inverting it onto a serving plate.

Enjoy your meal!