How to make the Jade tree bloom and fill it with leaves forever: 3 powerful fertilizers

By liliaturcin5

Crassula ovata , known as the Jade tree , is a plant native to South Africa but now widespread and appreciated throughout the world. Its popularity undoubtedly derives from its wonderful appearance and the little care it needs.

The Jade tree is a plant that does not require much effort. However, if you want to make it flower and fill with leaves, to enjoy its beauty to the fullest, the situation changes.

The Jade tree produces small, white flowers with a scent so sweet and light that it tends to attract bees.

In this article we suggest specific fertilizers for the Jade tree , which will allow us to have a plant full of flowers and leaves .

1. Ginger fertilizer to make the Jade tree bloom

Cut a piece of ginger root weighing about 50 grams into many small pieces, then do the same thing with a sprig of cinnamon. Blend both ingredients.

Dilute a tablespoon of the ginger-cinnamon mixture in a liter of water and use the liquid to water your Jade tree.

This natural fertilizer will provide the plant with the nutrients it needs to flower abundantly.

2. Fertilizer with ash to grow Jade tree

Ash is one of the most effective natural fertilizers. The best is the one obtained by burning branches, not trunks, preferably free from chemical substances.

Mix one tablespoon of coffee grounds and one tablespoon of wood ash in a liter of water. Wait 24 hours, then use the liquid to water the Jade tree. Repeat every 15 days.

3. Fertilizer to recover a Jade tree

Pour 200 grams of rice into a hot pan to toast it. Then blend the rice together with the shells of 8 eggs until they become powdered.

You can use this fertilizer in two ways: spread it on the plant’s soil once a month or mix it with water and use the liquid to water the Jade tree twice a week.

Now that you know how to make a Jade tree bloom , try applying the tricks described above and enjoy the results after the very first applications.

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