The Beauty Secret of Japanese Women to Rejuvenate the Face in 5 Minutes

By liliaturcin5

When it comes to natural beauty, Asian women are far from being last. Indeed, their porcelain skin fascinates Western women. In this article we invite you to discover a technique used by Japanese women to keep their skin young even after 50 years.

The first thing to do before starting is to clean your face well and apply a small dose of moisturizing cream to allow the massage to be carried out correctly and above all not to pull on the skin.

The first area that Yukuko takes care of is the line that extends from the ear to the end of the neck. Placing your hands on your temples, maintain light pressure and gently slide them up and down, repeating the movement. Then move to the forehead by positioning your three middle fingers on each side and slide them up and down the neck.

We then take care of decongesting the eyes, by positioning our fingers at their ends and gently going around the eye.

Be careful, it is not a question of massaging the thin part which is located below the eye, but rather that which is located under the dark circles and at the level of the arch. Finish the gesture on the temples and go down to the neck as before.

We continue with the smile, placing our fingers in the middle of the chin and bringing them up to the corners of the mouth. Secondly, we then start from this last point, to treat the top of the upper lip, up to the end of the nose. Then massage around the nose and its bridge from top to bottom.

Reposition your fingers on the chin, to go up to the cheeks and finish by stretching the gesture to the temples, to go down to the bottom of the neck. Then do the same thing, starting from the lower part of the cheeks. Optimize the exercise by repeating this step, starting the gesture at the bridge of the nose.

For the next step, this time we use the bottom of the palm of the hand starting from the chin to go up to the nose, where it is necessary to maintain pressure for 3 seconds. Then finish the gesture by stretching it to the level of the temples. Continue by positioning your hands flat on the temples, then lowering them to the bottom of the neck.

Just 3 short exercises and you’re done!

We then move on to the contour of the face, placing your hands at the level of the chin to go up to the temples.

Arrange your hands in a triangle around the nose, placing your thumbs under the chin, then raise to the temples while maintaining pressure on the cheeks. Finally we finish with the forehead, reproducing small zigzags on the area with our fingers.

You have finally reached the end of this facial massage, which will need to be repeated at least twice a week.