A Lemony, Eco-Friendly and Economical Tip for Impeccable Tiling

By liliaturcin5

Tarnished by time and intensive use, your tiles need a good deep cleaning to regain their former shine and cleanliness? Leave aside the chemical and/or so-called miraculous products from the supermarket: to make your tiles shine like the first day, prefer the good old grandmother’s tips which have proven themselves for generations and will also be much less painful for you. your wallet!

Use the acidity of white vinegar or lemon to wash your tiles

Following work or when moving into a new home, it happens that the tiles are so dirty that an ordinary cleaner no longer works. It is therefore appropriate to restore its shine using this simple solution:

  • Take a large bucket of hot water.
  • Pour white vinegar and baking soda in, two tablespoons of each.

Once the mixture is perfectly homogeneous, all that remains is to apply it to the tiles. If the vinegar smell is too strong, use clean water to wipe the tiles a second time with a microfiber mop. For a more pleasant scent, you can replace the white vinegar with the juice of four squeezed lemons.