5 plants that repel spiders, ants, mosquitoes and scorpions from the house

By liliaturcin5

Some insects can be pests to your plants. Fortunately, 5 plants work as real repellents and act as a natural insecticide. They fight mosquitoes, spiders and ants at the same time!

Fighting insects is no easy feat. However, it is much easier than you think if you have the right plants that can act in biological insect control. Each of them is effective in working against these little beasts that wreak havoc on your plants.

What are the 5 plants that work to repel spiders, ants and mosquitoes?

An insect can devastate your plant and compromise its survival. You can  fight these harmful critters   for your plants and keep them away without chemicals because what you plant acts as a prevention against ants, spiders and mosquitoes.

  1. Lemongrass

While some plants attract insects, this plant is very effective at repelling spiders, mosquitoes and ants at the same time. Lemongrass owes its   repellent properties to its strong odor,   hated by these insects. To top it off, this plant is easy to care for. It is recommended to place it near the entrance places of the house such as the door, windows or all sunny places, to repel invading insects.

  1. Lavender

Lavender is ideal for combating the presence of insects such as fleas, flies, mosquitoes or even moths. If this plant works against pests for your garden, it is thanks to its smell. You can place your pots on your terrace or near your plants facing direct light. A barrier against insects with a relaxing smell!

  1. mint

Ants can be harmful insects to your plants. Instead of spraying   an insecticide that damages the ecosystem   and respiratory systems, plant mint. This plant repels ants, mosquitoes and aphids. It is best to plant it in a pot and plug the drainage hole to take advantage of these repellent properties.

  1. Chives

To combat the presence and proliferation of insects such as   ants, Japanese beetles or aphids  , chives are ideal. It is an effective organic insect repellent that keeps these pests away. To maintain it properly, it should be planted in full sun. You can say goodbye to unwanted insects that damage your crops with this fragrant plant.

  1. The Basilica

Basil, which you can grow at home, is ideal for repelling mosquitoes, which, once inside, can bite you and cause itching. Its lemony smell acts   as a natural insecticide   that repels this harmful insect. You can grow this aromatic plant in a pot or in your garden. To thrive, basil needs shade.

Another plant against harmful insects

If the plants mentioned above are formidable for insect control, there is another plant species with mosquito repellent properties.  It will avoid insect bites that are so common   in summer without using a mosquito net!

  • Rosemary

This healthy plant prevents mosquitoes from breeding near your garden. To use it  , place a few strands on the hot coals you’ve burned on your barbecue. This plant acts as a natural and formidable mosquito repellent.

As you may have understood, to hunt crawling and flying insects   it is not necessary to spray an industrial insecticide   to protect your plants. These plants can both prevent the invasion and presence of these harmful insects for your plantings!