Have you ever mixed lemon and bay leaf together? Together they are worth their weight in gold in winter

By liliaturcin5

Few people know: lemon and bay leaf together create a syrup that is nothing short of a miracle. Let’s take a look together at what happens when you mix these two ingredients.

Lemon and bay leaf

The cold season, as beautiful and magical as it is, brings with it a number  of unpleasant inconveniences  . Thunderstorms, snow, changing leaves: all natural spectacles. The number of evenings spent at home under the covers with a hot herbal tea is increasing and everything seems to be calming down. The problem arises when we feel unwell due to sudden  temperature changes  . Flu, cold, fever, cough and so on and so forth. The respiratory system is put to the test and the coughing becomes torture.

Today we want to show you a  very simple and completely natural  recipe, a recipe that will help you heal your respiratory tract in no time. You only need two ingredients that we always have at home:  lemon and bay leaf . Both have excellent properties and are extremely versatile. What many do not know is that the union of these two special products gives life to a truly miraculous syrup, it is a panacea that we can no longer do without.  Let’s see together how to prepare it.

Lemon and bay leaf: the two allies against seasonal ailments

We’re facing another long winter here, our houses are warm and it’s freezing outside. This sudden change in temperature can only be a problem for our health:  flu and cough are just around the corner.  Unfortunately, when we get sick and experience these symptoms, we start stuffing ourselves with medicines and syrups in the hope of recovering as quickly as possible and carrying out our daily activities with serenity. We empty the pharmacy and fill the pantry with  all sorts of medicines , without knowing that it is enough to combine two ingredients that we usually always have at home.

Thanks to this simple recipe we can  heal quickly and only by taking 100% natural ingredients.  Below we will show you step by step how to make this real panacea.

Lemon and bay leaf

Here you can find out how to make this great syrup

Si tratta di una semplicissima ricetta da poter svolgere in complete autonomia. The primary cost of the fare is the purchase of the  canned zucchini,  which is served in 12 cups in a pentola. Mettet the pentola with the zucchini in a fornello a fuoco basso and mescolate costantemente fino a when the zucchini is not avrà the consistency of the caramello. Arrivati ​​a punto bisogna versare  100 ml di acqua , continuare a mescolare and portare a bollore.

While the mixture is boiling on the stove, you can  grab your bay leaves: ten are enough.  Continue by chopping the leaves well. If you are wondering how bay leaf can help you feel better, the reason is that its leaves have an  antiseptic effect  that is excellent for getting rid of coughs, even the most stubborn ones. After chopping the leaves, you can add them to the sugar and water boiling on the stove and let them cook for another  15 minutes  . After cooking, allow the mixture to cool completely. When it has cooled and the bay leaves have replaced all the beneficial properties, you can  proceed by filtering the syrup through a sieve . Ideally, you put it in a  jar with a lid.

Lemon and bay leaf syrup

Now it’s the lemon’s turn:  you have to squeeze the juice of a whole lemon through the juicer. Thanks to the juicer you get a smooth juice without seeds or lemon pulp. Then add to the syrup by stirring with a spoon.

This is a syrup that you  can keep in the pantry or refrigerator  for a long time . Taking a tablespoon as needed will help clear your airways and breathe deeply.  It also tastes great.