Don’t despair, grandma’s trick to clean the oven of dirt in 3 minutes

By liliaturcin5

How do you clean the oven from dirt in just a few minutes? Grandma’s method is back in fashion and helps everyone have a perfect oven.

Aluminum foil in the oven.

To   clean the oven from dirt in a few minutes   , you have to take a step back, leave all the previously known products and only use the grandmother’s method. A particular and very interesting method that consists of using a specific product and another that, over time, can help remove all the stuck dirt. We recommend that you clean the oven every day to avoid ending up with   limescale that is difficult to remove   . Let’s find out how to do it?

Removing dirt from the oven: grandma’s method

Grandma’s method   for removing oven grime is to use aluminum foil and dishwasher tabs. A unique, very special means, but the only one that allows you to completely remove dirt from the interior. Alternatively, you can opt for   baking soda and lemon  , which have the same cleaning and descaling effects.

Oven cleaning method

What to do before proceeding?

  • There should be no dishes or leftovers from the previous day in the oven;
  • The degree should be set to 100;
  • The cube should be placed in a baking pan;
  • Pour the hot water where the ball is and let it sit for two hours.

Before turning on the oven , cover the pieces     with aluminum foil to absorb any dirt in the oven.

After two hours of use, clean with a soft sponge and slowly remove the limescale. Removing the aluminum foil will also help you remove any debris that shouldn’t come off.

Why use these cleaning products?

Using a dishwashing tablet may seem unusual. In reality this is not the case because in a few minutes you can have the oven like new. Thanks to the water and high temperature, the cleaning properties of the tablet are   transferred to the different contaminated areas.  The process is 90% completely autonomous and there is no need to purchase additional cleaning products.

Remove dirt from the oven

It could  be defined as a stress-free self-cleaning, especially when you don’t have time to proceed with it. A cleaning method that can also save you money, although it is always advisable to clean the oven after use.

Regular cleaning is recommended to avoid the build-up of grease, which can be removed using this grandmother’s method. Generally, it can be used once a month to clean the oven well. The secret is to use it well, with a minimum temperature of two hours and an oven temperature of no more than 100°. Alternatively, as already mentioned, you can   use baking soda with lemon juice  and follow the same procedure.