Make an Effective Mosquito Trap in Just Minutes

By liliaturcin5

Make a mosquito trap with a simple plastic bottle Unlike the mosquito lamp, this mosquito catcher is economical and simple to make. All you will need is a simple plastic bottle and the following ingredients: 300 ml of water 4 tablespoons of sugar 1 g of baker’s yeast Scotch tape Instructions Start by drawing a circle around the bottle so that the bottom part of the bottle is larger than the top part then cut the bottle in half. Then pour the sugar into the lower part of the bottle. In a saucepan, heat the water then pour it over the previous ingredient. Leave to cool for around twenty minutes before adding the yeast. This mixture immediately produces carbon dioxide which attracts mosquitoes. Then remove the cap from the bottle and insert the top of the bottle upside down into the area filled with this mixture. Complete your process by securing the edges with adhesive tape. Finally, place your trap in your bedroom or any other place invaded by mosquitoes. These will sneak inside but will no longer be able to come out. It is possible to replace the sugar with fruit, honey or a sweet juice. Doctor’s Simple Way To Remove A Hanging Belly Works Immediately Doctor: if You Have Toenail Fungus, Do This Immediately (Genius!)