This advice changed my life! How to insert a spring into a door hinge!

By Lesia

Adding a spring to a door hinge can be the perfect solution to prevent the door from being left open and causing inconveniences in the home. Whether you have small children running around the house or curious pets constantly opening doors, keeping them closed can be a challenge.

But with this simple trick, you can always keep the door closed, avoiding accidents! If you want to see the video of this wonderful trick, watch the following Innovate or Invent video that will show you how to do it:

Below we will tell you in detail about this fascinating trick, which will solve this big problem for you. It has a solution so don’t miss it!

How to insert a spring into a door hinge

To insert a spring into a door hinge and ensure it is always closed, follow these simple steps:

  1. Measure the distance: Start by measuring the distance between the center of the hinge and the point where you want the door to close. This will give you the exact length you need for the spring.
  2. Cut the spring: Use pliers to cut the spring to the measured length. It is important to wear protective glasses while cutting the spring to avoid any eye injuries.
  3. Insert the spring: Once you have cut the spring to the proper length, insert it into the door hinge. It should fit perfectly and provide the necessary force to close the door.
  4. Adapt the hinge: If you are installing the hinge on an aluminum or other material door, be sure to mark and drill the holes accurately to avoid errors. Use a drill to make the holes and make sure they are aligned correctly.
  5. Secure the hinge: Once you’ve drilled the holes, use rivets to secure the hinge in place. The rivets will ensure that the hinge is securely attached and that the door closes correctly every time.

With this simple trick, you can always keep the door closed, no matter the circumstances! No more open doors causing unwanted drafts or allowing pets to escape. So dare to try this tip and enjoy a door that will always stay closed when you need it!