Avicenna’s Red Onion Recipe for Thyroid Treatment

By Lilia

Thyroid treatment with red onion juice

Onions are known to cleanse the skin, kill viruses and bacteria, and sulfur compounds in the blood work wonders. 

So try this phenomenal folk recipe for thyroid treatment.

The doctor from St. Petersburg, Igor Knyazkin, revealed the recipe for the treatment of the thyroid gland. 

The main ingredient of this medicine is actually red onion.

It was he who noticed that the onion has a strong anti-atherosclerotic effect, that it prevents the accumulation of platelets, has a fibrinolytic, antioxidant, as well as a reducing effect on the level of lipids in the blood and blood pressure.

He noticed that in folk medicine, onions are often used to treat problems related to the thyroid gland. 

He often met people who fell asleep with pieces of onion in their socks and fixed compresses on their necks. 

After doing personal research and interviews with people in whom this method worked positively, he began to recommend onions as a medicine.

According to his recommendation, at night before going to bed, cut a red onion in half so that the juice can be extracted from each half.

With light, circular movements, massage the neck in the area around the thyroid gland with the onion halves.

Go to bed without washing your neck so that the onion juice that has been absorbed through the skin works all night.

The juice naturally stimulates the work of the thyroid gland.

Folk medicine says that onions:

– purifies the blood

– kills bacteria, bacilli and pathogenic microorganisms

– purifies the air.

Prescription of Persian physician Avicenna:

His method consists of slicing a red onion into rings. 

Half the head is cut, and the other half is made into juice, with which a piece of gauze is moistened. 

Onion rings are arranged in the neck area, on the thyroid gland. Gauze, nylon and a suitable scarf are placed on top. 

For thyroid problems, make this compress just before going to bed.

Before that, you can also massage with chopped onion in the area of ​​the thyroid gland with light circular movements.

When you wake up in the morning, remove the compress and wash carefully with a suitable soap. 

The smell is removed quickly if you put a few drops of lemon in your palms and rub the lemon juice into the skin.

This compress should be done for no more than a week. 

Most people who have tried it say they see results on the third night.

Through this method, the almost constant fatigue and exhaustion, as well as the beastly appetite, can be eliminated. 

Improved thyroid function will affect your health and will best be accounted for in the tests you will have.

Be healthy!

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