Wet wipes in the washing machine: The secret that makes daily life easier!

By Lesia

Wet wipes in the washing machine can greatly improve washing.

It is a surprising and particular, but quite practical and functional method, which probably not everyone is aware of.

Almost everyone has wet wipes at home that are used in different ways and for various purposes.

In this article, thanks to the mitrucoscaseros portal, you will learn how to use them when washing clothes.

Wet wipes have many uses, such as washing hands when there is no running water, disinfecting certain surfaces, especially in the presence of animals, etc.

They are very useful and not expensive, so it is always worth having them at home.

When you try this trick, wet wipes will become a necessity for you.

What are wet wipes used for in the washing machine?

Sometimes it may happen that clothes, even after washing, are not perfectly clean.

Additionally, due to hard water and low-quality detergents, the fabric may lose its attractive appearance or structure.

We will tell you how to solve this problem.

Follow this advice and you will regret not knowing it sooner.

Are you wondering what to add to the washing machine besides powder or gel detergent so that the clothes are really washed thoroughly?

You only need one thing: wet wipes.

Have you ever tried washing things together with a wet wipe?

It’s time to try it, but choose better quality, stronger wipes.

When you put a wet wipe in the washing machine along with your clothes, it is able to trap small impurities, such as hair, hair, or other fibers.

And thanks to this simple trick, your clothes will be cleaner.

Due to its structure and softness, it rises with the water during washing and attracts leftover particles.

As a result, you will get perfectly clean clothes out of the washing machine drum.

What else should be added to the wash?

Almost all of us have hard water in our taps, which contains many minerals.

As a result, clothes fade quickly when washed.

And the fabric has a rough surface.

Adding more detergent won’t solve this problem, but there is a way to fix it.

Before washing, add 5 tablespoons of kitchen salt to the washing machine drum.

Salt also acts on stains that do not come out with normal washing.

And thanks to it, the detergent is perfectly rinsed from the fabric.

However, keep in mind that washing with salt requires additional rinsing.