Roasted Onion: The natural alternative to drugs for a host of ailments

By Lilia

We all know that onions have antibacterial properties. 

In addition, its juice in combination with honey helps with inflammation of the bronchi and lungs and relieves cough .

For example, onion peels help with earaches and can even lower body temperature.

However, few people know that onions are useful not only fresh, but also roasted.

At the same time, onions do not lose their great beneficial properties, even when they are thermally processed.

Baked onion

Roasted onions will help you deal with ulcers and poorly healing wounds!

The onion should be baked with the peel and applied to the sore spot.

Roasted onions will also help in the treatment to relieve various pains.

Simply apply a warm onion compress to problem areas for 20 minutes.

Thanks to roasted onions, you can even treat hemorrhoids !

Onion flakes have a disinfecting effect and contribute to the regeneration of skin tissues.

Roasted onions are often recommended as a side dish to people who have blood clotting problems.

Onions are also recommended to be consumed after a heart attack or stroke .

Roasted onions will also help patients suffering from diabetes , as it is recommended to consume them on an empty stomach.

The effect is noticeable already after a week, thanks to the composition of this vegetable: sulfur and iron, which help normalize blood sugar levels and maintain the proper function of the pancreas and liver .

Eating baked onions can also contribute to improving the condition of patients with hypertension and atherosclerosis .

Onions help to clean blood vessels, eliminating high blood pressure .

Another advantage of roasting onions is that during the roasting process, the essential oils that cause the typical onion smell disappear.

Choose a medium onion for baking – it contains the largest amount of trace elements.

Roasted garlic

Garlic – a powerful natural antibiotic. Few people know that garlic works in the body even 24 hours after consumption.

According to health portal search-2.blogspot.com , it eliminates bacteria and helps the body get rid of toxins. 

It contributes to the better functioning of the internal organs and even helps in the treatment of some diseases.

How to eat garlic

Garlic is good to consume in all possible ways.

Today we will show you the positive properties of garlic roasted with the skin.

Garlic prepared in this way has a sharp smell and taste, but retains its medicinal properties.

If you get into the habit of preparing garlic this way every 2-3 days, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the impact it will have on your health!

This is because garlic significantly lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood, cleans the arteries and helps you get rid of pressure problems.

It has also been proven that garlic prepared in this way helps with stomach problems and excess weight, but it is also useful for diabetes.

Roasted garlic in the peel has a high nutritional value, solves the problem of constant fatigue and a weakened immune system.

Food prepared in this way also helps with diets aimed at losing weight .

To speed up the metabolism, it is enough to eat 6 cloves of garlic every two days.

Health Effects of Roasted Garlic:

The body is able to digest it much faster and already within 1 hour after consumption, the body absorbs the nutrients.

Heat treatment digests it very nicely, without the fiery taste of burning in the stomach – yet it retains its strength and nutrients.

Destroys free radicals and damaged cells.

Prevention of flu and inflammation.

It has an antibacterial effect – it destroys disease microbes and bacteria.

Roasted garlic supports metabolism and eliminates excess fluids and fats in the body.

It cleans the body from the inside.

Strengthens immunity.

Increases bone density and strength.

Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Extends cell life.

Prevents fatigue and exhaustion.

Strengthens the health of the heart and blood vessels.

Prevents the absorption of heavy metals in the body

Improves physical performance

How to prepare it?

The procedure is very simple. You will only need a few whole medium-sized heads of garlic, olive oil and foil.

Cut off the top of each head so that the individual pods are visible from above.

Then each of them is rubbed with olive oil and wrapped in aluminum foil.

Prepared heads of garlic are arranged side by side in a tray and baked in an oven at a temperature of around 220 °C.

Leave them in the oven for at least 30 to 40 minutes.

The last 10 minutes you can let the garlic roast without the skin. 

When they are ready they should have a golden brown color and an almost liquid consistency.

Roasted garlic is also very suitable for people who do not like the spicy taste of this vegetable.

In its raw state, garlic can even be painful to the stomach.

However, if you bake it, you will benefit from its wonderful properties and enjoy it too.

Roasted garlic will surprise you with its mild and pleasant taste.

It is not spicy, rather sweet with a slightly nutty taste.  

You can enjoy it on its own, but feel free to add it to appetizers or spread it on a baguette.

However, when consuming garlic, be sure to drink fluids!