Anyone With Frequent JOINT Pain SHOULD Know This: Try What This Healing Compress Can Do Now

By Lilia

Almost everyone knows burdock because it is noticeable due to the size of the leaves.

However, few people know that burdock is not just an ordinary weed, but can help with many health problems.

If you suffer from neck pain, joint pain, rheumatism or arthritis, reach for burdock leaves and try them out.

Maybe you didn’t know until now that all parts of burdock have healing properties. 

In this article from the search-2.blogspot.com portal, you will learn about the useful burdock poultices. 


We tear off leaves from burdock, choosing rather young leaves.

It is ideal to tear them off in a clean place, away from cities and roads.

At home, wash the leaves with clean water and dry them well. 

Place the sheet on the work surface with the bottom side up (the lighter side).

We use a rolling pin to roll out the dough.

This step is important to make the leaves softer. 

Now the burdock is ready and we can wrap it around the painful joint, for example the wrist, knee, etc.

You can also impose it if you have pain in the lower back, cervical vertebrae, etc. 

After that, the burdock should be covered with cling film. 

For an even better effect, you can rub burdock leaves with a little oil or honey. 

Honey has anti-inflammatory and warming properties, so it can increase the effect of burdock.

Warning: However, do not use it if you are allergic to bee products. 

What else can burdock do:

Supports immunity, has an antiseptic effect.

Eliminates inflammation, promotes sweating (flu), purifies the blood, detoxifies.

It has a diuretic effect, cleans the kidneys and urinary tract.

It also purifies and supports the liver.

Helps with rheumatism

Prevention of cardiovascular diseases, reduces high blood pressure

Supports digestion, regular stools, metabolism, eliminates flatulence,

Lowers blood sugar level, suitable for early diabetes

Disinfects the skin, promotes wound healing

Supports the healing of skin diseases (purulent wounds, eczema, acne)

Removes dandruff, has a positive effect on oily scalp, promotes hair growth

Calms the nerves, relieves stress and improves sleep

Burdock with brandy on painful places

Take a freshly picked burdock leaf and soak it in brandy for about 10-15 minutes.

Place a piece of thin cloth or gauze in 2 layers on the sore spot and put this burdock leaf on top, but squeeze it well.

Place another piece of cloth over the compress, tie with a scarf, or secure with a band-aid to keep the compress in place.

Do this treatment in the evening and leave the leaves overnight.

Repeat 6 days in a row.

Burdock leaf, like cabbage leaf, has the ability to relieve pain and inflammation.

Already after the first procedure, you can notice an improvement.

Chopped burdock leaves

Wash the leaves well again and dry them. 

Finely chop them and put them in a clean and dry jam jar.

We put the glass on the windowsill in a sunny place and let it stand until it turns to mush.

We apply this paste to the sore spot, fix it with a warm towel and let it work. 

Don’t be alarmed that the burdock porridge prepared in this way smells, it’s okay.

Burdock on cracked heels

Place a burdock leaf on a calloused or cracked heel, put on a sock and leave it on for 10-12 hours. 

It is best to leave the burdock overnight and you should see an improvement in the morning.