“The main and most brutal mistake of all those who often have back and neck pain!” An osteopath gave a prescription that cured

By Lilia

Back pain often surprises you. The reason is an inactive lifestyle and sedentary work. 

Exercising in the gym takes a lot of time and it’s not that cheap. 

But finding 10 minutes to exercise at home isn’t that hard! 

I recently had an appointment with a qualified osteopath who told me to do these exercises every day. 

Finally, the problems that had plagued me for many years, this unbearable pain in my back and neck, these pains in my joints, began to subside.

Today, from the search-2.blogspot.com portal, we offer you a complete complex that contains the most effective exercises for strengthening the back muscles. 

It’s not just gymnastics, it’s yoga, qigong and joint healing all rolled into one. 

After 10 minutes, you will forget about the pain in the spine forever.

Exercises for back pain

The exercises are best done in the morning. 

Allow at least one minute for each exercise. Use a hard surface, comfortable clothes and shoes.

Exercise 1

This exercise relaxes the back and shoulder girdle. 

Feet shoulder width apart, hands relaxed.

Make swings with your arms, simultaneously rotating around the waist. Increase the intensity with each subsequent move.

Exercise 2

In qigong, this exercise is called – “the golden rooster stands on one leg”. 

Coordination, balance, dexterity develop well. 

Eastern medicine believes that exercise heals the roots of diseases and strengthens the body’s immunity.

Stand on one leg, raise the other so that it is parallel to the ground or higher. 

Extend the arm on the side of the raised leg forward, but do not fully extend it. 

Lower the second down, palm facing the floor. 

It looks like you are resting on two balls. It is enough to stay in this position for a few seconds. 

When you achieve balance, raise yourself 3-5 times on your toes with your eyes closed.

Exercise 3

This is one of the most valuable exercises in the complex. 

Perfectly tones, relieves tension on the spine. 

The execution method is simple: sit on the floor “Turkish”, always on a hard surface. 

If discomfort occurs, use a soft mat. The back is bent as much as possible. 

Slowly lean back on the floor, roll onto your back and return to the starting position. 

You can straighten your legs, but then hold on to them as shown in the picture. Do at least 12 times.

Exercise 4

This exercise stresses the upper back, especially the area between the shoulder blades. 

It is better to perform immediately after exercise 3 or in combination with it. 

Lie on your back, grab your shoulders with your hands. Lift and bend slightly forward.

 “Touch” your back on the surface, alternating hands on your shoulders. Do 12 reps, 6 for each arm.

Exercise 5

The simplest exercise. Relaxes the muscles after the previous ones, improves blood circulation. 

Lie on your back, cross your fingers and pull them back.

Do not forget about breathing, it should be free and easy. 

Stay in this position for a few seconds, 10 repetitions are enough. 

If lying down is uncomfortable, you can stretch while standing on your toes.

Exercise 6

You know “candle” – the basis of this exercise. 

This is an inverted asana in yoga, it helps to improve memory, increase the speed of thinking. 

It also prevents varicose veins in the legs. 

Lying on your back, lift your legs up, holding your thighs or lower back. 

The toes are extended. Hold this position for as many seconds as you can. 

Try the plow to return to the starting position – lower your legs back and extend your arms parallel to the floor.

Exercise 7

This exercise is also from yoga. Strengthens the back, improves the flexibility and mobility of the vertebrae. 

To perform it, you need to lie on your stomach, stretch your arms. 

Slowly raise your upper body, arching your back, leaning on your forearms, looking forward. 

The legs are slightly spread apart, try not to lift them. 

When your gaze is directed forward, it is a “sphinx”. 

Now carefully reach back to see the ceiling, you get a “cobra”.

Exercise 8

Perform this asana effortlessly after the cobra! 

You should always compensate for bending the spine in the opposite direction. 

Exercise improves digestion and is effective for knee pain. 

It is very easy to perform: carefully stand in this pose shown in the photo, holding your knees with your hands or stretching them forward. 

Hold for a few seconds. After 8-10 repetitions, sit with your back straight.

Exercise 9

Very useful exercises to strengthen the back muscles. 

For posture disorders, rheumatism, chronic pain – you will not find better. 

It won’t be a problem to learn it. Take a static position as shown in the picture. 

Turn your head in the opposite direction of the twist. 

Rest the elbow on the leg. These methods will help to increase the efficiency of the implementation.

Exercise 10

Bends have a powerful healing power. Strengthening the lower back, stretching the tendons. 

Performed in a standing position, feet twice shoulder-width apart, arms at sides. 

Without changing the position of the hands, bend to the right side. 

Do several breathing cycles (inhale-exhale) and touch the ankle of the left foot. 

Return to starting position. Repeat for the opposite side, 5-6 times each. 

At the end of the exercise, do a compensatory backbend.

Feel free to do these exercises every morning. A healthy back is the key to good health. 

Remember, when gymnastics does not help, but chronic back pain remains – consult a doctor!

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