Full body balance for knee, neck, lower back and leg pain

By Lilia

Do you have knee pain? Don’t just look at the knee joints. 

Are your hips hurting? And you want them not to hurt you. 

Do you have lower back pain and want it to stop hurting? 

Pain causes you discomfort. 

It is a symptom. 

Pain indicates: 

1. dehydration of the fascial system and 

2. not good, bad or very bad balance of the whole body.

Therapeutic practices for leg, back, and shoulder pain in traditional medicine start from the chin. 

1. Standing. Sticking your chin forward and drawing figure eights parallel to the ground. 

These eights are the sign of infinity and the movements unblock the first stagnation.

2. Then the arms are spread and the right comes forward, the left back. 

Twisting of the spine. Then the left hand forward and the right hand back – 12 times. 

You move your shoulders. 

3. Spread your fingers. 

Pull each finger up. 4-8 times. Their elasticity increases. 


Pull 4 fingers of the left hand: index, middle, ring and pinky – up. 

Remember how kids used to compete to be the biggest miser? 

The palm was placed on a table and the fingers stretched to the maximum. 

In TCM, 4 fingers are grasped with one hand and stretched. 

The goal is to stretch the center of the palm. 

Press and release. You massage around the heart. Massage all internal organs.

4. Standing. The hands are next to the body. You do side bends. Without being maximal. 

5. With both hands, pat the thighs and calves – from top to bottom along the outer line. 

The one with the patting is “Payda” and is clapped not with an outstretched hand, but with a slightly bent hand. Like a squirrel’s paw. 

6. Sitting on a chair. The steps are about 40 cm. 

Spread your toes and you will feel tension in your feet. 

Raise your heels. 

Press your toes into the floor. 

To consistently apply pressure we will use our own weight. 

Lean forward. Press the toes and spread them a little more. 

You return to a standing position. 

So you lean forward and backward 12 times and stretch your feet to massage the area around the heart, (The heart has a projection only on the left foot), lungs (on both feet).

Also activated: kidneys, intestines, spleen. It’s easy! The foot massage is wonderful. 

8. Exercise for the knees. Master Go tells his story. 

I suggest you watch the exercise that saved millions of people from knee surgery (including my patients a few years ago): The video is in Russian, if you don’t understand it well, there is an option to play Bulgarian subtitles. Enjoy watching.

Seat. And we work for our beloved knees. 

Do you walk with legs like the “lead soldier”? Do you stretch them at the knees? Are your cartilage cracking?

9. Walking with the knees half-bent at the joints allows synovial fluid to form naturally. 

The knee joint should make movements as if you were riding a bicycle. 

It takes time for the liquid to move, the fluid in the joint. Do not move “as I can”, but lightly.

Change your gait and your knees will heal. 

The Snowman Walk. Do you want to have strong knees, strong ankles and feet? 

Learn it. 

Walk in slow motion. It’s like in snow. Lazy. 

The legs are unloaded with this lazy gait. They are self-healing. 

At least 70m a day with her. For healthy joints and body. For good circulation of Chi fluid, Energy Potential.

10. What we know about our tail. This part is of prime importance. This is the basis of the locomotor system. 

Do you control your “tail”. 

The legs are 2 fulcrums. 

The third is the coccyx. 

The human system if it is 3-pillar – the system works much better. 

It is key to our longevity and viability. 

The thought-form for the three point balance with the 3rd point the coccyx is important.

In QiGun (for those wondering what ‘qigong’ is – it’s gymnastics) you put your body in a stance and the body just adjusts its settings. 

The stand is wood. The tailbone should point toward the ground. 

The hindquarters must be oriented so that the mental “coccyx” (even if surgically removed) – is correctly oriented. 

Try doing figure eights with your tailbone. From a standing position. 

Right hand resting on table. Knees slightly bent and figure eights are made with the tailbone.

Massage the feet with:


many types of oils you can use, if you have coconut oil it is a good choice.

Treat the pads of each toe. Between the toes. All this – works. 

All the vital channels flow from there and if the Qi energy is moving, you will not have nail fungus. 

If Qi reaches a diseased area it heals it. 

Give her access.

Press the following points on your feet to help with good energy circulation through the channels

* Alternating strong pressure and massage kneading on the top of each toe helps clear and sharp thought and also helps positive thoughts.

* Pressing the central part of the big toe balances the hormonal processes of all endocrine glands.

* Acupressure on the outside of the big toe controls the pineal gland and controls our sleep cycle.

*Massaging the base of the fleshy part of the big toe controls our thyroid gland and helps in our metabolism.

* Pressing into the tops of our toes can help relax our shoulders.

* Pressing the area under your toes helps with lung inflammation, calms breathing and improves lung function.

* Pressing the bottom of the feet in the center helps with calmness and relaxation. These locations treat the solar plexus and diaphragm positively.

Reflexology can bring the body into such a state that it heals and restores itself. 

So finish with foot reflexology and transport your body to a state of mental peace through sound healing, Qigong, or meditation that would protect it from inflammation and disease. 

Is scoring averages healthy?

What is healing with knowing your own body? 

Imagine an ambulance and you are being driven. You lie down. When you self-medicate, you are both the ambulance driver and the doctor. 


You are responsible – for everything. 

Which is right ?

Which is easy – it simply connects both sections of the mind.

Easy? or Correct? 

What is your choice? 

-Aware and critical?


-Passive and needing help?

We remind. Drink water at least 30 ml per kg of weight and during the summer months at 45 ml per kg of weight, 

“These 4.5 liters of water are necessary for the body to be healthy” Dr. F. Batmanzhelidj in “Water heals, medicines kill” Link to the book in pdf. – https://bit.ly/3kpjKx0

Your joints need this hydration. The kidneys are thirsty for this magnificent and life-giving medicine.

Stay healthy and positive thinking!

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