Charlotte with peaches: quick and without cooking

By liliaturcin5

Peach Charlotte, recipe for a light and fresh peach pie, a peach dessert very similar to a peach tiramisu,

strictly without cooking, perfect at this time when peaches are in season!

It comes together in no time and you’ll feel how good it tastes! It is also very pretty to present!

For 1 mold of 18 cm


  • 300g lady finger biscuits
  • 250g cow’s ricotta
  • 150 g liquid fresh cream
  • 70g icing sugar
  • 5 ripe yellow peaches (mashed)
  • 250 ml peach juice (nectar)

Preparation :

How to make Peach Charlotte!

Step 1
  • first, whip the fresh cream and set aside.
  • Using an electric mixer, beat the ricotta with the powdered sugar.
2nd step
  • Mix the whipped cream by hand with a spoon, with movements from bottom to top to ensure a nice smoothness.
  • The cream is ready. Put it in the fridge until the peach pie shell is ready.
stages 3
  • Also prepare the peaches.
  • I used three nectarines for garnish, while I used two for garnish.
  • Take the three nectarines for garnish and roughly chop them. 1 cm then cubes.
  • If peeling bothers you, you can also peel it before slicing it.
step 4
  • Place the opening circle (18 cm in diameter) directly on the serving tray.
  • Start by creating the cookie crown around the circumference.
  • Take the ladyfingers and cut 1 cm from the bottom.
step 5
  • This way it won’t get too big and ladyfingers will be able to stand up well.
  • Wet the “cut” ladyfingers in the peach juice and place them vertically next to each other, around the edge of the circle.
  • Also fill the bottom with ladyfingers soaked in juice, trying to keep as few empty spaces as possible.
stages 6
  • Cover the ladyfingers with half of the ricotta cream then half of the peach cubes.
  • Make a new layer of ladyfingers, still soaked in the peach juice, then add the peach cubes and, finally, the rest of the cream.
  • The peach charlotte is almost ready!! Now all we have to do is decorate it!
step 7
  • Wash the two remaining nectarines and cut them into slices (skin on) to a thickness of approx.
  • 1 cm., gently detaching them from the central bone.
  • With a sharp knife, cut the slices in half again, so that the thickness is thinner and the decoration gives even more importance.
step 8
  • Place all of the peach slices on the surface of the pie with the peaches, overlapping them slightly.
  • Complete the center with small peach cubes. You can also arrange them in a radial pattern, around the circumference, from the outside towards the center.
  • Place the peach charlotte for approx. 1 hour in the fridge and then… bon appetit!!
  • I think it’s a very nice and quaint idea, to serve as a dessert with peaches at the end of a meal.