Baked zucchini balls: soft inside and crunchy outside!

By liliaturcin5

Baked zucchini balls: soft inside, crunchy outside, delicious!

If you are looking for a healthy and light second course, the recipe you see below is the one for you. These are delicious baked zucchini balls, perfect for introducing adults and children to this vegetable.

Preparing them is easy and quite quick. The courgettes should not be cooked before adding them to the dough.


We’re willing to bet that this dish will save you on more than one occasion.

Baked zucchini balls: soft inside, crunchy outside, delicious!

The ingredients

To prepare twenty meatballs we need these ingredients:

80 g of breadcrumbs + 1 plate of breadcrumbs
Olive oil to taste
100 g of ricotta
80 g of Parmesan cheese
two courgettes
Parsley to taste
Pepper to taste
Salt to taste
1 egg

The preparation

First of all, peel the courgettes and then grate them into a large bowl. Once this operation is done, add an egg, the Parmesan and the ricotta. Then we sprinkle with breadcrumbs and fix salt and pepper, after which we finish with the chopped parsley.

At this point we mix the ingredients together with one hand until we obtain a uniform mixture.

Then we take a small piece of dough and with our hands we give it a more or less ball shape. Then we pass the meatball in a plate full of breadcrumbs and then we place it on a pan covered with a sheet of baking paper. Of course, everything must be repeated as long as there are ingredients.


Now wet our meatballs with a drizzle of oil and put the pan in the oven.

We put them in a preheated and static oven for about twenty minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees. After twenty minutes, the pan is retrieved from the oven and brought to the table.

Good job, have fun and bon appetit!