How to prepare an egg white mask to rejuvenate your hands by 15 years

By liliaturcin5

Immediately after the face, the hands are the part of the body that first reveals our age. Wrinkles and wrinkles appear on the hands sooner than on other parts of the body, as they are more exposed to external agents.

There are many causes that cause the  appearance of skin blemishes , such as aging, exposure to the sun or prolonged use of chemical products.

Whatever the cause of the stains on your hands, in this article we suggest a recipe to get rid of them and  rejuvenate your hands .

Egg white, the main ingredient of this DIY mask, is very effective in reducing skin blemishes, as well as improving flexibility and therefore reducing wrinkles.

To prepare  egg white mask  to rejuvenate hands you need:

  • white one egg
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil

Beat the egg white for a few seconds, then add the olive oil and continue mixing until the ingredients integrate together.

Apply to your hands by massaging lightly, then let it rest for a few minutes. Finally, rinse your hands with plenty of water and apply your favorite moisturizer.

Repeat the application of  egg white mask to rejuvenate your hands  at least 2 times a week, and don’t forget to apply sunscreen to protect your skin.

Egg white is composed of water and proteins, such as albumins, mucoproteins and globulins. The latter make this ingredient an excellent ally for hydrating the skin and “ironing” it.

Olive oil is hydrating and contains antioxidants that can prevent premature aging.

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