The use of bay leaves in the washing machine that will leave your clothes looking like new and you will say goodbye to bad odors

By liliaturcin5

Don’t underestimate the power of bay leaves when doing laundry at home. With this super trick you will get your clothes scented with a natural perfume. Look look!

By now you surely already know the number of  benefits that laurel has.  The leaf of this  aromatic plant   not only becomes the perfect seasoning to flavor our stews, stews or sauces, but also has many powers and virtues to make our home a true oasis of peace and happiness. In fact, it is known that laurel  has magical properties  for cleaning the house. It is also  an infallible remedy for repelling cockroaches  and, as if that were not enough, it is also on the list of   good luck charms  that you should have in your home if you want to put an end to bad omens. 

Properties and uses of laurel

[In this video we show you the main properties of bay leaf so you can get the most out of this condiment. Take note!]

Today we will tell you  about the powers of bay leaf  to ensure that our clothes are completely clean and free of bad odors. Do not miss it!


As obvious as it may seem, all you will need are some  bay leaves  , the kind that are used to cook or season any dish. You can prepare an  infusion with these leaves or also prepare them in cloth bags  . When you have it ready,   you need to introduce the bay leaf inside the  washing machine drum together with the clothes. You will see that, once the wash and spin cycle is finished, your clothes will come out completely perfumed and with a natural smell. 

After all, the clothes we wear on a daily basis are mainly made of cotton, leather, polyester and other synthetic materials. With the help of bay leaf and its enormous flavoring gift that creates a balsamic, intense and fresh effect, you will be able to  provide a pleasant and neutral smell to your clothes  . 


In addition to being an infallible  natural remedy  for cleaning your clothes,  bay leaves  are also an ideal resource if you want to restore color to those faded clothes that you are about to throw away or donate. Here we will tell you how to take advantage of this trick quickly and easily. Take note!

What do you need to restore color to your clothes with laurel? 

  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Bay leaves 
  • Waterfall

How to restore the color of your faded clothes step by step 

  1. Prepare a pot with water. Introduce the bay leaves and baking soda. Boil the mixture  for 20 minutes  and remove from the heat. 
  2. Pour the  bay leaf and baking soda mixture  into a bucket and soak the faded clothes. If they are loose ends or we have several of the same color, we will use more of the bay leaf and baking soda mixture. 
  3. Leave everything  to rest for 24 hours  and, after this time, wash your clothes as usual. If you do it by hand, we recommend preparing a basin of cold water. The results can be foolproof!

Note:  If you want the color of your clothes to last longer, we recommend that you do not hang them in a sunny place. It is also preferable to iron colored items inside out and at a low temperature. This way you will ensure that the tones of your clothes degrade less. 


In addition to bay leaf or baking soda, there are  other natural remedies  that can help you remove stain remover residue. Look look!

  • Unpeeled potatoes. Prepare a saucepan with the withered heads together with water and  potatoes washed in their skins. Boil the mixture and, after a while, you will see how the stains will disappear from your clothes. 
  • Lemon. Lemon is another natural remedy for washing clothes thanks to its  whitening and antibacterial properties,  ideal for white clothes. Cut the lemon in half, rub it on the stain and let the lemon juice soak into the garment. Once you have it, let the clothes dry in the sun and see if the stain disappears. Once your boss is free of clothing, he washes the clothes in the washing machine again. 
  • Vinegar. If you’ve been reading this for a while, you’ll have realized the number of benefits white vinegar has when washing clothes. It will be sufficient to mix a cup of vinegar with  a spoonful of detergent in 2 liters of water. When ready, insert the garment and let it rest overnight.