Black butterflies are not bad luck, having one come to your house has a beautiful meaning

By liliaturcin5

Black butterflies,  far from thinking that they mean bad luck, the reality is that when they arrive at the door or window of a house they would be transmitting the probability of winning a great prize.

This beautiful possibility is in contrast to what many think, in fact many consider black butterflies to be poisonous or guilty of blindness, due to the dust given off by their wings.

This last belief is false, the dust it gives off can only cause slight irritation, that’s all.

Description of the Black Butterfly

According to the Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources, the black butterfly is part of the Eribidae family , the genus of moths. Let us remember that these are of great help to pollinate plants and flowers.

They seek refuge in the shade in order to protect themselves from predators, for this reason they can always be seen in the doors and windows of houses.

They look beautiful, their wings are purple, pink and green.

The truth is that depending on where you live, the meanings of black butterflies vary, as is the case in many parts of America that believe that butterflies bring bad news. While in Texas, United States, it is thought that if a black butterfly comes to your house, there is a good chance that it will win an important prize in that house.

Meaning of black butterflies

Among other meanings that black butterflies bring us, is that in addition to being symbols of good luck or good news, their presence also indicates the response to people’s needs and desires.

It is interesting to note how the appearance of black butterflies brings us messages even in personal relationships. For example: if we have problems with someone and a black butterfly appears in our house, it is a sign that it is time to forgive and make things up.

Another positive point that they bring us as a message is that they always indicate new beginnings and positive changes in life.

On the other hand, it has not been proven that these insects are related to negative events, such as accidents and deaths.

Unfortunately, these superstitions that have always become so popular have caused many to destroy or crush these fragile animals.

Therefore, it is important that we change our gaze towards black butterflies and even if we do not trust them, at least we do not kill them. You just have to let them free, if they come to our home we open the window or door and let them go.

Let’s remember that they are not coming to harm us, on the contrary they will possibly bring us a lot of luck and good news!