This flower floods all the fields, but many ignore it: it has a very precious value

By liliaturcin5

This flower has a very precious value but many people ignore it: have you recognized it? But above all, do you know what its beneficial properties are for our body? Here’s the answer.

The flowers you see in the photo above often invade our fields   . They are very famous, beautiful but above all   healing   . Read on to understand how they can benefit your body.


You will surely have seen these   splendid flowers in the photo above   : not only are they beautiful to look at but they can also bring   many benefits to our health.

Do you understand which flowers we are talking about? That’s right, these are   the famous dandelions   ! Also known as   “Dandelion”   – the scientific name is   Taraxacum officinale   – they belong to the   Asteraceae family   .

Dandelion or dandelion

They grow well in   countries with temperate climates   but can also easily survive in regions with cold climates. Did you know that this plant also has   medicinal properties   ?

Used since ancient times by the Greeks, Romans and Arabs, who used   bulbs and stems to prepare healing drinks   , these flowers are still used today to make   useful remedies for our body   .

Among other things,   a little curiosity   ,   this flower can also be eaten and drunk   : the root and stems can be used for   salads, decoctions or even as a coffee substitute.   Today let’s discover together why   dandelions   are not only beautiful but also useful for our body.

Because these flowers are a panacea for our body

This   beautiful plant with beautiful yellow flowers   often floods our fields. Dandelions grow well in Italy thanks to the   mild and temperate climate   that characterizes our country.


The ancients used   dandelion   as a   natural remedy to treat certain health problems   . Studies have also been carried out on animals and humans, which testify   to the healing effects of this plant, and much more.

But what would dandelion really cure?   Let’s find out together!   There are two important properties in particular   that we want to highlight. Dandelion has an effect:

1. Anti-inflammatory 

Some laboratory studies have shown that   dandelions   – or rather their roots –   have anti-inflammatory properties thanks to polyphenols   .

2. Antioxidant 

If the roots have anti-inflammatory properties, the flowers have more of an antioxidant action.   Rich in beta-carotene   ,   they fight free radicals   and prevent what is called   “oxidative stress”   .

Dandelion can also be   an integral part  of our diet, hard to believe, right? Yet that’s exactly how it is.   Dandelion is an excellent nutrient rich in vitamins A, B, C and K   but also   rich in minerals such as magnesium, iron, potassium and calcium.

If we then consider that it also contains   soluble fibre   , this explains why this flower is used   in case of constipation or to improve intestinal peristalsis.

Other properties of dandelion

Laboratory studies on   animals affected by tumors   have shown a   reduction in tumor cells   not yet found and verified in humans.

But   the beneficial properties of dandelion   do not end there. This flower is also known for its   antiviral and antimicrobial properties   : it is therefore a perfect ally in   fighting mild infections.

Beneficial properties of dandelion

Women will also be happy to know that   dandelions help their skin stay young and beautiful   . With this flower you can make   a decoction to use on the skin   which also promises to improve   acne   where it is present.

Additionally, since   dandelion is rich in calcium, it helps strengthen bones and teeth.   While the   presence of fibers and vitamins K and E   facilitates   the assimilation of essential substances but above all digestion.

Ongoing studies may soon herald   the positive use of dandelion to fight diabetes   . How is it possible? Thanks to the presence   of chlorogenic acid   and   chicoric acid   which would favor   the absorption of glucose.

As you can read,   dandelion brings numerous benefits to our body   . Also excellent as a   diuretic   , it also helps   promote weight loss   . And could you already imagine it? From today you will surely look at the dandelion with different eyes!