The anthurium will produce lots of flowers thanks to this water: it has never looked so beautiful

By liliaturcin5

Proper Growing of Anthurium: In-depth Guidelines

Achieving vibrant Anthurium blooms requires meticulous attention to the plant’s environmental needs. Start by ensuring you use quality soil and sticking to a timely, regular watering schedule. Maintain a room temperature consistently above 18 degrees Celsius. Also, expose the plant to plenty of light and keep the humidity of the surrounding air high. In summer, place the Anthurium in front of a window with indirect light, while in winter maximize its exposure to available light.


During fertilization, never neglect the importance of phosphorus and potassium. With these precautions, your Anthurium will be able to flower all year round. However, if your plant experiences flowering problems with only a few flowers, gardeners recommend a trick that involves the use of special, completely natural water.

The key solution for irrigation

Limited flowering of Anthurium can be the result of incorrect placement, insufficient light or suboptimal environmental conditions. Adequate fertilization is fundamental, which you can enhance with a specific mixture of water that can be easily prepared at home in just two minutes.

Introducing beetroot water, a simple but effective solution. Start by slicing a red beetroot, easily found in supermarkets, into manageable pieces. Place the red beetroot pieces in a blender with 500ml of water. Blend the mixture and then filter it through a strainer into a glass jar for correct preservation. Now use this homemade beetroot water to water your Anthurium.


Witness a remarkable transformation in a short period. To ensure the success of this simple trick, remember to maintain all the precautions previously outlined. Beetroot, known for its remineralising and restorative properties, contributes to the overall well-being of the plant, making it an excellent choice for feeding your Anthurium