Glass with water and salt in the freezer, what is it for?

By liliaturcin5

As we well know, in our home we have to do constant maintenance on things. For example, the refrigerator and freezer, over time, a thick layer of ice forms. The results of this reduce the efficiency of its operation, so something must be done.

Not only would it not be working well, but also electricity consumption is affected and even removing food becomes complicated.

Generally, the traditional way to defrost the refrigerator is to open its doors and let it melt on its own. Considering the time it takes to thaw, it will be a slow process.

In fact, some even use the hair dryer by turning on the hot air and wait for this heat to reach the ice so that it defrosts. However, you must be careful with handling the cable and spreading too much hot air on the walls of the freezer or freezer.

Another homemade method is to place a container with boiling water inside the freezer, close the door and wait for the ice layers to begin to melt. The steam will do its thing and let’s be careful not to damage the walls of the freezer.

Finally, there is the fan solution whose function is similar to that of the hair dryer, the objective is always to melt the layers of ice.

Despite all these homemade tricks, there is one that is innovative and highly effective, as it will defrost it in no time:

5 Minutes with salt in the freezer

Although we think it is impossible, salt can act in a way that defrosts our freezer or freezer. We are referring to coarse salt, it has the properties of lowering the freezing point of water.

We simply sprinkle coarse salt on the different layers of ice. Finally, we just have to wait for it to act and defrost, it will only take a few minutes.

Recommendation:  Before turning off or unplugging the refrigerator directly, it is essential to pay attention to how we do the procedure.

  • As we mentioned above, it can take about 15 minutes or more, it all depends on the type of freezer.
  • Next step, with the help of a plastic or wooden spatula, we begin to remove the excess ice.
  • To finish, we can pass it the product that we usually use to clean and then plug it in again.

Try and apply this innovative method that defrosts…the results will be surprising!