How to eliminate weeds from your patio or garden forever

By liliaturcin5

In this guide, we’ll explore practical and sustainable methods that will allow you to enjoy a beautiful, healthy patio or garden without the constant nuisance of weeds.

Read on to discover the secrets to getting rid of them once and for all.

How to eliminate weeds naturally

1. Baking soda:

It is a safe and healthy option that allows us to get rid of the weeds that often grow in the cracks or joints of the tiles. Pour some baking soda directly into any cracks or joints.

2. Salt:

Bring 500 ml of water and 250 gr. to a boil. of salt and then pour the solution directly onto the plants. Alternatively, pour salt over the soil and then spray with water.

3. Vinegar:

It is lethal for some types of plants: spray vinegar directly on the grass, it will disappear after a few days.

4. Boiling water:

It is a quick and simple remedy: pour boiling water directly on the plant to eliminate it.

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  • Natural herbicides: Use natural herbicides, such as white vinegar or a mixture of vinegar, salt and soap, to spray on weeds. Please note that these can also affect the intended plants, so use them with caution.
  • Boil water: Pour boiling water over weeds to kill them. This method is effective for small areas and does not damage the soil.
  • Biological control: Introduce cover plants or live covers that compete with weeds for resources such as water and nutrients. This can help prevent its growth.
  • Use newspapers or cardboard: Place newspapers or cardboard on the soil around the plants and cover them with mulch. This prevents weeds from receiving light and growing.
  • Take care of your lawn: A healthy, well-maintained lawn is a natural barrier against weeds. Fertilize, water and mow your grass regularly to keep it strong and dense.
  • Seed Prevention: Prevent weeds from setting seed by cutting off flowers before they develop seeds. This reduces the number of seeds in the soil that could germinate.

Follow all these tips and tricks to eliminate weeds from your yard or garden for good!