Allow flowers to bloom all year round with these two natural ingredients

By liliaturcin5

Only two natural ingredients are needed for flowers to bloom all year round – experienced nurserymen explain how to make the food.

Ingredient to make flowers bloom

Nourishing plants  naturally is very important, which is why nurserymen in the sector have decided to reveal this little secret. Only two natural ingredients are enough to allow plants to bloom all year round:  let’s find out how to do it ?

Two natural ingredients for powerful nutrition

The art of gardening  requires attention, care and proper nutrition for plants. Although commercial fertilizers are widely available, many gardening enthusiasts prefer to turn to natural solutions to feed their plants. Among these options, a homemade nutrition based on water, yeast and eggshells can offer numerous benefits to plants.

To prepare this  nutrient, you need to collect 6 liters of water, yeast and  egg shells. Let’s start with the eggshells. They are rich in calcium, an essential element for the growth and development of plants. After consuming the eggs, we can collect the shells, let them dry completely and then  crumble them into small pieces .

Next, we fill a  container with 6 liters of water  and add the crumbled egg shells. We let the shells soak in the water for at least 24 hours. During this time, the water will gradually absorb the nutrients present in the eggshells.

After the soaking period, we add a small amount of yeast to the water with eggshells. Yeast contains  B vitamins  and other nutrients that can promote healthy plant growth. Mix the yeast well in the water until it is completely dissolved.

At this point, our water, yeast and eggshell based plant feeding solution is ready to be used. We can pour it gently at the base of the plants, making sure that the soil  absorbs the solution correctly . It is important to avoid flooding plants, as excess moisture can damage them.

Nutrition benefits for plants

This  homemade food provides several benefits to plants. First, calcium derived from eggshells promotes root and stem structure and strength. It also helps prevent calcium deficiencies, which can cause deformation and disease in plants.

Additionally, yeast provides nutrients that  stimulate plant growth . The B vitamins present in yeast promote the metabolism of plants, improving the absorption of nutrients and improving their overall health.

However, it is important to note that this homemade food should not be used as the only fertilizer for plants. It is advisable to alternate the use of natural fertilizers with other methods of plant nutrition, such as composting or the use of commercial fertilizers specific to the needs of the plants.

In any case, it is good to always seek the advice of experts in the field, in order to be able to give adequate nutrition to the plants without errors.