Just 1 cup a month will be enough: both the flowers and the roots will bloom all year round

By liliaturcin5

To ensure that flowers grow lush all year round, you can use this simple method: all steps.

When the month of May arrives, spring begins to show itself in all its beauty.  Flowers and plants dominate the scene and offer a spectacle of colors  that often leaves you breathless. Many, in recent months, decide to populate their garden and also the interiors of their homes with these wonders of nature, choosing some of the most suggestive and pleasant flowers. However, as anyone with a green thumb knows, in order for flowers and plants to have  lush growth and constant blooming  , you need to take great care of your green friends, perhaps even taking advantage of some method that makes the flowers bloom all over. time. time year

Implement this method – that’s all you need

An example is  orchids  , very elegant flowers that we usually find in gardens and even inside the rooms of our homes. Orchids are truly some of the most suitable flowers for your home: in addition to being beautiful, they manage to give a breath of color to every corner of the house, along with an intoxicating aroma.

How, then, to ensure that orchids have the greatest possible number of buds and bloom all year round? Many do not know that  there is a very effective method to make orchids bloom constantly  .

The first thing to do is take an onion and cut the peel, since it contains elements such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium that guarantee  antioxidant, antibacterial and antiseptic properties.  Therefore, the peel of onions is ideal for growing orchids very quickly.

orchid flowers

The procedure consists of placing the onion skins inside a glass container and pouring half a liter of boiled water inside. After having waited for the water to cool, we move on to the next step, that is,  we place the rice in another container  , another extraordinary element that contains potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. Five tablespoons of rice to which we will add a liter of water at room temperature is enough. At this point  the rice water is filtered  , which must therefore be transferred to another container through a strainer.

Inside the container where we have introduced the filtered rice water, we can  add the solution previously made  with the onion skin, also in this case filtering everything carefully. A good mix and we have obtained a perfect compound, rich in nutrients for the orchids before fertilizing.

The solution will make the flowers grow in no time.

Before proceeding with the application of this mixture it is always better to moisten the leaves by spraying them with a little water. That’s not all, because the advice given by experts is  to also pour water into the orchid soil  , so that it absorbs the fertilizer better. How long should it be before I can proceed with fertilizer? The ideal would be to wait about thirty minutes, so that the roots turn green.


Fertilizer can now be applied. First we are going to take a little with a cotton ball, to pass the solution over the leaves. With this simple method,  orchid leaves will no longer have to deal with insects and fungi  and will be able to enjoy a large amount of vitamins.

Minerals turn out to be an exceptional ally for the leaves, which can grow healthier and stronger. The alternative is to pour the solution  into a spray bottle and spray it on the leaves  , applying it once or twice a month.

Spraying should also be done under the leaves, to effectively combat fungi and parasites. Finally, it is possible to pour the solution into the soil of the vase to promote  very rapid growth  of these wonderful flowers, toning and strengthening the leaves.