11 Essential Indoor Plants at Home

By liliaturcin5

Did you know that there is an inexpensive way to bring a little freshness into the house in summer? Some indoor plants are there to help you. We present to you 11 capable of improving the ambient air in your interior during extreme heat.


Plant with a giant bulb, it can be grown in a special vase or in a pot. Its solid flower stalk supports spectacular and colorful flowers, sometimes even variegated. Once flowering is finished, simply let the foliage dry and keep the amaryllis bulb dry until the following fall.


The Dragon Tree Marginata is one of your best allies in your fight against indoor air pollution, since it is known to eliminate benzene, formaldehyde, xylene as well as trichlorethylene. It is a plant that does not require significant maintenance, as it tolerates dry soil and irregular watering. However, remember not to expose it to direct sunlight.


In a bedroom, lavender refreshes and fights against stress, nervousness and possible anxiety. Its advantage? It requires little water to live. Where to place it? Near a window!


  • The Ficus Robusta nicknamed rubber requires more attention.
  • Exposure: in a bright space, but it fears direct sun.
  • Watering: it appreciates humidity, wait until the soil is dry between two waterings and pour a large glass of water at room temperature.
  • Where do we put it? In the living room.


If the living room coexists with an open kitchen and a dining area, we favor a species that tolerates temperature variations. The steam from the preparations could harm fragile plants, so we turn to a cactus. Although it needs a lot of light to develop properly, it cannot tolerate negative temperatures; a risk avoided in our modern interiors.

Some attribute depolluting properties to the cactus; it is true that this species can reduce the concentration of waves linked to household appliances. Above all, these plants are in vogue in decorative collections where they are available in the form of wallpaper, illustration or porcelain. A plant to adopt without hesitation.


You probably know Aloe vera for its cosmetic benefits, but it turns out that it is also very effective in destroying formaldehyde present in the air. Note that this plant requires full sun exposure, well-drained soil and light drying between waterings.


There are types of jasmine that smell very good, such as Tuscan jasmine or star jasmine. This graceful plant is not only very decorative, but its white flowers also emit a pleasant scent in summer. Although star jasmine also flowers in a pot, it is a climbing plant. If you put it outside, choose a place where you can smell it well. Use wire mesh, sticks, or another tool to help him climb.


Sansevieria, also called mother-in-law’s tongue, requires very little maintenance. It is one of the most popular plants because it is depolluting and requires little water. In addition, it needs light, but adapts to dark corners. Ideal for an office plant. In addition, it grows slowly.


The Areca palm is one of the most beautiful indoor plants. It finds its place in every room and it creates a sensation every time. It is particularly appreciated for its exotic side. It is easy to maintain, it is a graceful, elegant and evergreen plant. Its long cut leaves, slightly curved and flexible, are very decorative. It thrives at a temperature of 20°C. It can reach 1.50 meters. It likes light and a regular supply of water, non-calcareous if possible, without it stagnating.


Who hasn’t known the famous pot of clivia at their grandmother’s house! Well, this plant is making a strong comeback, proud of its sumptuous orange bouquets and its shiny foliage. The clivia tolerates wintering in a cool place (between 5 and 8°C), and some forgetting to water during this period, it will flower even better.


Rosemary, which was used a lot in cooking, has become a part of different home environments. After all, this herb has the ability to bring benefits to both our body and our soul. Among its powerful properties, we can highlight that rosemary removes negative energies, attracts happiness and harmony, relieves stress, increases self-esteem and helps with reasoning.